IT Consultancy Services.

Our team attempts to utilise your existing hardware and software and where possible, use cost effective methods to benefit your business.

The process involves identifying the strengths of your existing system and using these along with new approaches to achieve a faster and more robust, reliable system. Working together, we aim to streamline and optimise your IT infrastructure whilst ensuring your business has the capability to expand.

Strategic reviews

To help your business remain competitive, adaptable and protected, MAIT encourage regular reviews of your IT systems. These take place with the aim that you are kept at the forefront of new technologies, alerts us to any potential deficiencies, as well as remaining safe from threats of security risks.

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IT Support & Maintenance

We are just as happy to look after your existing hardware and software as we are installing a new setup.

We will work with you, within your budget to keep your IT systems running efficiently, and your staff happy. We have a helpdesk system where tickets can be logged and tracked and we respond to these tickets quickly and prioritise those that affect your business the most.

We have a remote support system so that a lot of Issues can be resolved quickly without the need to visit you on site.

For any problems that cannot be resolved remotely we will visit you on site promptly, usually within and hour but up to a maximum of 3 hours if the problem is adversely affecting your business, or we will make an appointment for a visit for none critical jobs.

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Backups & Disaster Recovery

As technology develops, the volume of data being created and backed up is ever increasing. This has resulted in an ongoing problem with data storage solutions. As your business evolves, allow us to use our expertise to keep your data safe and stored effectively.

When you consider your IT needs, our experienced staff will discuss with you what data you require to be backed up and stored. They will also advise you on the management and access to these back-ups, whether that be in the cloud or onsite.

MAIT have developed a variety of data storage and solutions which will meet your business’s needs. We will complete a ‘Disaster Recovery Plan’ in order to protect your business from total data loss in the unlikely event of a disaster, such as flood or fire.

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Data Recovery

We understand the daunting prospect of losing your valuable data. In a world where your computer holds data which is of personal or occupational significance, there is the ongoing risk of losing it. MAIT have specialised techniques, software and intelligence to recover this for you.

We offer data recovery for other devices too, including tablets, digital cameras and smartphones. In the event of physical damage to your drive, we have access to specialised partner companies to help recover your data. They may be able to repair and restore devices for you.

If you are concerned that your hard drive is failing, or worry that it already has, we advise that you switch off the device/machine and do not attempt recovery yourself. If you continue to use the device when the data has been lost, the chances of recovery becomes slimmer and the attempted recovery of the data will become more time consuming.

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Cloud Computing

Our Cloud computing solutions come with Disaster Recovery and High Availability, with 99.9% uptime guaranteed you are in safe hands running your business from our cloud services.

Over 28 days of backups are stored in our datacenters and synchronised with a dedicated backup server for extra peace of mind.

We have disaster recovery and high availability plans built in to these services so that’s one less thing for you to worry about.

As well as Exchange e-mail and web hosting we deliver fully managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS). These services mean that your entire business is hosted and managed inside of our cloud and can be accessed by you and your staff from anywhere in the world that they wish them to be accessible from.

MAIT Cloud services deliver real business and financial benefits ensuring you see a return on your investment.

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Bespoke Software

We can build bespoke software to meet your needs, this is sometimes a better option than an existing solution for many reasons;

  • The software we develop is tailored for you and works to deliver the results that you want.
  • The bespoke software can evolve as your business requirements change.
  • As your business grows, there are no further fees, because you own the software.
  • Your business has the competitive advantage, with bespoke software, you stay efficient and customers stay satisfied.
  • Ownership is yours, so you have no ties to a specific vendor.
  • You can choose to run your bespoke software on your own hardware, or have it delivered as a service (Saas) in the form of a cross platform web application, or a cloud hosted desktop solution.

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